Founded by Abdullah Al Qamzi in 1997 with a progressive vision that fuels transformative projects with lasting impact in the United Arab Emirates, Al Qamzi Group is a regional powerhouse with a trusted track-record of successes across varied domains where superior quality reigns supreme. With an eye on evolving opportunities and a commitment to expand its unique offerings to the world, Al Qamzi set foot in Egypt in 2010 through a fruitful Egyptian-Emirati cooperation, believing in the market’s growth potential, as well as its growing opportunities. Al Qamzi Developments in Egypt focuses on developing high-end properties catering to the country’s elite, thanks to an original alchemy that combines luxury designs, nature and impressive facilities in its most-sought after locations.

Slowly but surely, the company has managed to elevate living standards with benchmark quality, gaining a trusted reputation for its innovative vision, quality integration and high return on investment which sets it apart of competitors in the field.


Al Qamzi Group is committed to stay ahead of the competition curve in every possible field. Over the years, the group has notably expanded its portfolio across multiple industries, leaving an impressive mark that is celebrated world-wide.

  • Onshore & Offshore Oil and Gas Fields and Facilities Services
  • General Transportation
  • All Kinds of Building Projects ,Main Roads, Bridges and Related Works
  • Sewerage Treatment Stations Contracting Sewerage Networks & Houses Connection
  • Contracting Transmission Networks & Distribution of Water Irrigation Network
  • Afforestation Contracting
  • Mechanical Contracting , electrical Contracting


To revolutionize the MENA region’s real estate development scene by setting a new benchmark in quality standards, as well as seamless integration that puts community’s convenience at heart through luxurious projects in prime locations where accessibility is key.


Crafting credible destinations that reflect contemporary aspirations through an innovative alchemy that extends beyond concrete, thanks to providing a bespoke lifestyle of limitless luxury, powered by upscale amenities and attentive services that enrich every aspect of life.



Emirati Partner in Al Qamzi Developments

AL QAMZI is a change-agent with visionary ideas, a restless passion for success and more than 40 flawlessly executed projects across the United Arab Emirates and the world. His extensive experience has allowed him to embark on a variety of transformative journeys in varied fields including infrastructure, structure and transportation. In 1997, AL QAMZI founded his own successful group in the UAE, brining to life iconic development projects with a lasting value.

In 2010, QAMZI started his expansion plan across the region, launching Al Qamzi Developments in Cairo to project his limitless ambitions and timeless quality mark.

I feel proud of what we have achieved in the last decade at AlQamzi Developments, considering that I always perceive AlQamzi Development as an integral part of the bigger picture, which is AlQamzi group “Q.T.C.” Furthermore, this puts our company in a peerless position as we deeply understand the dynamics of the MENA Region and its ever-evolving needs. As for the Egyptian Market, I appreciate the tremendous efforts exerted to showcase the resilience of the real estate sector, notably during the COVID pandemic period. Over the past years, the Egyptian economy has remarkably exceeded all expectations, encouraging more investors to keep a close eye on the real estate market”


Executive Chairman of Al Qamzi Developments - Egypt

Zidan is a well-rounded expert with extensive knowledge in business management, construction, and real estate portfolio management. Zidan boasts 11 years of development experience, acting as the CEO of AlQamzi Developments in Egypt where the business has successfully established itself as a prominent player in the Egyptian market, renowned for its unrivaled quality, innovative lifestyle concepts and timely delivery. Zidan has drove the company from strength to strength, developing a positive reputation for selecting prime locations for high-end communities belong. His unmatched dedication to perfect has allowed him to build a more resilient real estate development market in which creative minds enhance the beauty of cityscapes, construct a new urban reality, but most importantly produce timeless products of incomparable value for communities to thrive.

At AlQamzi Developments, we highly appreciate the power of merging the passionate talents of the youth with the extensive experience of the senior minds. Thus, we offer our clients perfectly executed real estate development solutions that exceed their expectations. We provide them with more than just buildings, we deliver homes that are able to enhance their lifestyle through our state-of-the-art designs and incomparable quality and the creation of cherishing upscale community.”