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Project Description

The Q Royal Tower 


In the most prime location of central Cairo, an opportunity to live in a prestigious city tower.

  •  Location: Al-Korba area on the most distinctive streets of Heliopolis – 11 Ramsis Street.
  •  View: overlooking Al Etihadiya Palace and the Golden Square of Masr El Gedida.

Surrounded by distinctive villas and the beautiful nature of greenery and privacy.

The design of The Q Royal Tower is one of the most famous designs that show the true character, originality of Egypt.

Project Details


December 18th, 2015




AL QAMZI for Real State

Features of the Q Royal Tower

Finishing: This building in particular will be completed with the latest materials developed to suit the environmental and climatic conditions to become the outer shape of the tower at the highest level over time.

Entrance: The entrance will be finished from the highest and highest quality imported marble rare architectural character values ​​to match the nature of the royal life.

Elevators: The building consists of five elevators, four of them for serving the population and the fifth for heavy services such as furniture and heavy transport.

Basement: can accommodate seventy cars, and was designed to contain a traffic easy in the garage and finishing to accommodate the global garages There is also a sports games room to serve the entire population and also there are stores for the needs of the population and also a maintenance center and rest equipped for drivers inside the building

There is also a complete wall around the building in addition to external lighting and will also be finished entrance and roads of the highest building materials and will be finished windows and doors of the highest and the finest types of aluminum jumboa and doors of the apartment of wood and oak. We also have the possibility of interior finishing in case of demand


Housing Units

Project Gallery

AlQAMZI Investment Group, in cooperation with Noel Technology Company, approved by the United State Green Building Council, in the field of advanced systems and energy saving, equipped the building with the following advantages:

1 – All units are equipped with internal network Smart Home systems, which provide the following:

  • Reducing electricity consumption and energy saving by as much as 40% less than normal consumption.
  • Lighting control system and the implementation of different scenarios for the forms of interior lighting of the house.
  • Intelligent systems for theft protection and fire control systems.
  • Audio and video distribution system inside the house
  • Intelligent control of temperature and adaptations to reduce excess consumption.
  •  Control all household appliances and audio and video equipment
  • Full control of curtains.
  • Link all systems to work together to make integrated scenarios for the home and full control by mobile or through the Internet in all systems from inside the house or from outside from anywhere and at any time.
  • Reduce the need for maintenance and prolong the life of electrical systems and lighting systems.
  • Increase the value of the house and because it is equipped for the future unlike the traditional houses and houses.
  • Raising the standard of living for family members and adding smart experiences to them.
  • The house becomes a smart electronic server for them.

2 – the aesthetic lighting of the exterior of the building.

3 – Specifications of the building is identical to the global energy saving systems (USGBC)

4 – Advanced theft and fire alarm systems in the building.

5 – High speed internet for all units.

6 – Intercom visible to all units.

7 – electronic gateways for garages.

8 – Electrical generation systems for lighting and elevators in case of power failure.


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