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Project Description

Creation of designers in the division of the building into

  • Commercial floor divided into four shops with different areas to suit all business.
  • Administrative floor divided into three offices with different areas to suit all administrative work.
  • a three storey apartment building consisting of a master bedroom with a private bathroom with a dressing room, two additional bedrooms, a master bathroom, a small bathroom, a spacious reception, and a modern kitchen with a space that provides you with freedom of movement. Brilliant for all apartments through the terraces.

Project Details


December 18th, 2015




AL QAMZI for Real State

Finishing specifications

  • The foundations of the building on an armed base with a structural design subject to seismic codes and resistance to natural disasters.
  • Luxury interior finishing for entrance, stairs and roads. 
  • 2 Schindler German lifts. – A garage on the entire floor of the basement.
  • Classic design facades.
  • Power up-load system for 380 volts and 220 volts.
  • The stairs of the building are completely marble.
  • Garbage pipe to deliver garbage to a special room in the basement to ensure cleanliness of the building.
  • Water supply pipes imported from polypropylene.
  • Full color windows and doors Aluminum color.
  • Electricity connections in all rooms and reception in units.
  • Making pipes for Internet connections and telephone lines.
  • Working water drainage air conditioning.

Housing Units

Project Gallery