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Project Description

the Description

Is a commercial tower – administrative – medical clinics and a component of land and commercial balance for the purposes of companies and banks as headquarters in the largest commercial places and the number of three administrative roles as headquarters of major international companies and fit for the laboratories of radiation and analysis other than the number of seven roles of medical clinics in different areas

Project Details


December 18th, 2015




AL QAMZI for Real State

Finishing specifications

  • Foundations of the building on an armed base with a structural design subject to the Egyptian Code of earthquakes and resistance to natural disasters.

  • Luxury interior finishing for entrance, stairs and roads.

  • 2 Schindler German lifts.

  • A garage on the entire floor of the basement.

  • Classic design facades.

  • Power up-load system for 380 volts and 220 volts.

  • The stairs of the building are completely marble.
  • Garbage pipe to deliver garbage to a special room in the basement to ensure cleanliness of the building.
  • Water supply pipes imported from polypropylene.
  • Full color windows and doors Aluminum color.
  • Electricity connections in all rooms and reception in units.
  • Making pipes for Internet connections and telephone lines.
  • Working water drainage air conditioning.